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welcome message

me and dax, june 2011july 2013

amazing stuff - it hasn't been done in over ten years but yes: Laura has been updating the web site!

in preparation for integrating our new Blog and Laura's Facebook page with the web site, we decided some fixing up and sprucing up were in order. So you will probably notice some of the pages being archived for history's sake and the remaining pages getting generally updated and old dead links removed.

focus areas for the web site and the blog will be: gardening, ponding (or water gardening, if you will), horses (naturally) and maybe some general family stuff.

thank you for visiting and please visit our blog (random ramblings from the webmistress) and/or Laura's Facebook page (Laura Prowicz - Facebook). you may also email laura at:

best regards,


new!what's up!!
       site additions and changes for summer 2013

    { fresh } @home - we have updated the garden and pond sections of the web site end June 2013


tips for using this site

  • any decoration in the top left corner of a page always leads to home page.

  • any page header at the middle top of a page always leads to the main page for the area you are in.

  • links "back" to the logical previous page in the hierarchical structure are located at the bottom left of a page.

  • a home button is located at the bottom right of many pages of the site. this button always leads to the site entrance.

  • my email address is linked to the email button at the bottom left of a page.

table of contents

  • home page

    guestbooklinks to the main header areas outlined below. the home page also includes a search function (near the bottom of the page) and a link to our blog.

  • @home

    @homestories and pictures about goings-on at our household. designed for random surfing as much as for our random thought patterns. this section will primarily link to our blog.

  • kids

    kidssisters elaine & grace ancient site last updated when they were ten years old and kane's site last updated as a toddler - this area quite obviously needs something new and more up-to-date for our new reality of both sisters being in college and kane being 12+ and attending middle school.

  • pets

    petssites, stories and pictures revolving around the pets of the family. strangely enough the family seems to also revolve around the pets...(this section as well will link primarily to our blog.)

  • away

    awaylike the slide shows of vacations past that your parents made you watch. just as fun as you remember, but on the Internet instead. (and in 2013, on the Internet and in a blog format.)

  • nups

    nupslaura: "michael! think of a four-letter word for 'the wedding' for the the web site"...and this is how 'the nups' came to be.

  • misc

    miscthis document, including needed help info and a semi-annually updated welcome. please let us know if you enjoyed the site!.

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