Laura Prowicz
Professional Senior SQL Server DBA (database administrator)
and SQL Server Developer


Laura Prowicz, located in the (far) northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, is a SQL Server database administrator with more than twenty years of professional, enterprise-level IT experience.
(All modern SQL Server versions 6.0 through 2012 & 2014)

Primary expertise in enterprise-level SQL Server operations & support including storage (SAN disk, NAS, etc), server hardware and very large, high transaction SQL Server databases. Advanced features of SQL Server including replication, mirroring, clustering, Availability Groups, and disaster recovery using SAN byte-level replication or third party tools such as DoubleTake, RecoverPoint, etc.

Secondary expertise in EMC/IBM SAN administration, NAS configuration. Cloud-based application support including AWS, Linux, MySQL, Apache, PhP and a little PostGres.

Wide variety of programming experience in several simple but useful languages including T-SQL, MySQL, perl, HTML and PhP. Most recently designed, architected & created (from scratch) a large datawarehouse featuring scores of T-SQL stored procedures, database objects, ETL jobs, replication, and more.


  • A polished, professional Microsoft SQL Server database administrator with excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, 1988

  • Integrated experience using T-SQL to implement automated functions such as:
    • Database backups (w/ file deletion)
    • Index defragmentation (targeted, included statistics updates)
    • Statistics updates
    • Refresh database from production-->test
    • Database system monitoring & alerting using BMC Patrol
    • Enforce standards

  • Please see my skills matrix for an overview of my DBA abilities

  • Please review my resume for all of the critical information!


Home-based, Chicago loop (near metra train station), city northwest side or northwest suburbs preferred. no relocation, no travel.


I am currently on the market as of September 2017, please email very interesting opportunities.


My hands-on background in hardware (especially high-availability server clustering solutions and SAN technology) and data center 24 x 7 production Windows server administration, combined with my DBA experience in several different highly volatile SQL server environments provide numerous benefits to your company.

I have a unique ability to turn client requirements into working technical systems that are solidly based on proven design techniques and best practices. My projects always come in on time and under budget.

During my career in IT I have participated in almost every aspect of a typical database project:

  • specifying and purchasing the servers
  • installing, configuring and launching the servers in a secure networked environment
  • installing the database system software
  • engineering, designing and implementing the database architecture
  • developing the SQL and business logic (SQL, Transact-SQL and PL/SQL)
  • developing the user interface and programming the web front-end logic (cold fusion, perl cgi, javascript and HTML)
  • daily 24 x 7 maintenance of entire environments, including hardware, OS, database and application
  • handling backups, restores and disaster recovery procedures
  • handling database optimization and tuning
  • development of standards, policies and procedures for clients, other administrators and operations personnel
  • development and maintenance of complete system documentation
  • setup, troubleshooting, repairing and verifying SQL replication tasks (I am an EXPERT in SQL replication)
  • please see my skills matrix for an overview of my DBA abilities

A company that values many of these skills will find me a compelling candidate. In turn, a company that values many of these skills will have the broadly-focused opportunity that I am looking for.

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