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michael and laura march 18, 2000michael & laura
march 18, 2000

it took twelve weeks to plan our wedding with the help of ms excel and the palm pilot IIIx. laura was dogged in her desire to keep everything in synch and in order. with the use of these two key tools, a lot of late nights and more wine than we can account for, the wedding proceeded exactly as planned with nothing forgotten.

the best part of overplanning meant that we were able to completely ignore all of the small details on the wedding day, aside from actual enjoyment of same. once the day dawned, it seemed that the only thing that michael and laura needed to worry about was the ceremony of getting married. wonderful!

the day of the wedding went by very quickly. from the ceremony, through the pictures, to the reception and the party(s) afterward, the entire day was relaxed and happy. both the wedding party and the guests seemed to really enjoy themselves. this was exactly what we had hoped and planned for.

wedding story

all about the big day, from start to finish

... and the bride (& groom) wore ...

laura's wedding gown, michael's morning suit, the bridal veil purchased via Internet and more

wedding photos

I didn't have time or get motivated, so there is no online picture ordering script ;-)   but, if you are a friend of the family and want to order something, please let me know

funny stories

some funny stories about things that happened during the final wedding week

accolades & appreciation

thank yous to everyone who helped make our day such a huge success

wedding web site

the web site that we used to plan the wedding and to inform everyone of the goings-on for the upcoming nuptials (this site will not be updated after the wedding)

honeymoon in switzerland

story and photos of our wonderful & romantic honeymoon in switzerland, march 19-march 27, 2000.
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