sunshine family life

the prowicz family web site

michael and I were married march 18, 2000 and yes, I changed my name. please visit the new prowicz family web site for the latest news and photos from our chicago household.

wedding web site

it's the biggest news of the year, maybe even the decade. the webmistress tied the knot with mgp on march 18, 2000. also, visit the new prowicz family web site for wedding pictures and all the news on our honeymoon in sunny switzerland.

the sisters web site

a web site just just for my two daughters, elaine and grace.

family reunion in vermont

short story and pictures of my family reunion in july 1998. it was great to see all of my family from new england and to visit with friends from high school.

friends photo index

sampling of my friends that will allow me to take pictures and put them on the internet. not comprehensive, but fun anyhoo!


laura despres
chicago, illinois