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sept 1999 queeny park
queeny park
sept 1999

dax's stuff
dax's stuff

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Destiny's Lady

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Bearchele, Inc.

Bright Vaquero
(aka Dax)

in november of 1997 I became the proud owner of my appaloosa horse and first horse of my own since I was sixteen. since owning dax I have realized first-hand the special nature of this wonderful breed - their affection, their intelligence and willingness to learn.

I had not known anything about the appaloosa until owning dax and ordering many great books on them from I was impressed at how dax took to training at such a young age (five years old) with virtually no training prior to me purchasing him. he had been started by his previous owner, backed a few times, but the majority of his training has been done by myself.

update 2013: sometimes I wonder where I come up with this stuff. I wrote the above sometime back in early 2000 and I have lived with Dax now for more than fifteen years. who am I kidding?? everyone knows that Dax is a huge smart-a@@, pain in my behind, crabby old crotchety b@stard! LOL

new!coming soon!
Dax's "from lame to sound" story of 2010-2013

I am working on updating the site and will be posting a diary of my last three years trying to get Dax sound. stay tuned.

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dax's stuff.

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