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Cedar Grove

Elaine picked up Cedar Grove from Egon Kamarasy in Carbondale, IL in early 2008 or so. He had been a Wolf Creek Hunt horse for a few years, performing well in both first and second field. Elaine further trained him and used him for Pony Club, Eventing, Dressage and Fox Hunting for three years, including having him with her in Northern Michigan for two.

He was sold as a made child's mount in late 2011 when Elaine headed off to college.


Clyde is a trail horse who is retired from Pony Club and Eventing (used for both by a family friend's child when she was twelve years old.) Clyde is an older and larger horse and loves to trail ride. He currently enjoys being the mount of a local young lady who uses him as an extra for more saddle time or so that her boyfriend has something to ride along with her when she takes her horse out on the trails.

Clyde is a 1990 16hh leopard Percheron/Appaloosa cross that anyone can ride.

HS Lovag

Lovag and Dax are my horses and are ridden very regularly. Lovag (HS Lovag) is a show horse and has competed in Dressage and Eventing. Lovag also has done the occasional trail ride and endurance ride although neither of those activities seem to be his cup of tea - he really enjoys working and showing the most. Lovag was bred by Egon Kamarasy in Carbondale IL and is the spitting image of his sire, Svent Gellert.

Lovag is a 1999 15.2hh Hungarian Sport Horse. Lovag is Laura's mount.

Dax and Noble
Dax and Noble

Dax (Bright Vaquero) is a trail horse who is retired from: Eventing, Dressage, Pony Club, Endurance Riding, and Fox Hunting. Dax has had a very long series of troubling lamenesses which started in mid-2010 or so. I am currently writing a blog post about our trials and tribulations with that process (stay tuned.) In 2013 he is virtually sound although still on a rehabilitation riding routine.

Dax is a 1992 15.2hh leopard Appaloosa from the "Bright" line and is once again Laura's mount.

Noble is a pasture ornament who is occasionally graced with a short trail ride or tour around the property. Noble is adorable, thinks he's a stallion and entertains himself by chasing the big horses around in the pasture. He is Dax's main side-kick.

Noble is a 1992 12.2hh liver chestnut Welsh pony.

Sugar is a Games pony who is currently retired. She is older and has gotten stiff from the fast pace of the Mounted Games she has played over the years. She is a very enthusiastic Games pony, which is why she had to be retired - she refuses to slow down!

Sugar is a 1989 (est.) 13.2hh palomino Haflinger cross pony mare. Sugar is Grace's Games pony.


Troika (Triple Threat) is a Dressage pony who is currently retired, because she is not easy to ride and her main rider, Grace, is off to college. Troika is an incredible mover who glides over the arena like a much larger horse with the gaits of a warmblood. She is nearly blind and because of that is fairly high maintenance. Troika worships the ground Sugar walks on.

Troika is a 1989 (est.) 14.3hh varnish POA mare. Troika is Grace's Dressage mount.


Luke belongs to a friend and is an American Quarter Horse. Luke enjoys living in the pasture and he and Clyde are best buddies. Luke is a skilled trail horse and is the favorite mount of our friend Stacey.

Luke is a 16.2hh chestnut AQHA gelding.

in memory of lost horses.


Junior passed just last May 2012 from a long battle with cancer and old age. Junior was an incredible pony and the light of my life in the barn for many years. Junior came to us a pony reject and left as the rock star pony who could do absolutely anything, any time, anywhere - safe for children of seven up through adults such as myself. Junior performed at the top of his game in: Eventing, Pony Club, Mounted Games, and trail riding.

Junior was a 1984 (est.) 13.3hh POA and was primarily Kane's leadline pony but Grace spent a fair amount of time using him in all his Pony Club endeavors.

Lucy (Lady Luxury)

Lucy (Lady Luxury) passed in the summer of 2008 after a short battle with cancer. Lucy was an incredible pony and the light of Grace's life from the age of about eleven until she was fourteen. Lucy was a versatile pony and performed admirably and safely in Dressage, Eventing, Pony Club, and Fox Hunting.

Lucy was a 14.2hh Bay grade pony mare and was Grace's mount. Lucy's Memorial.

Dodger passed in the winter of 2006 from unknown causes. We came to the barn one morning and found him down in his stall, bright-eyed, happy to eat treats but completely unable to rise. The vet who responded to our emergency call thought he had a stroke overnight.

Dodger was a great trail horse although he was totally blind from multiple episodes of ERU (Equine Recurrent Uveitis) previous to his coming home to live with us. Dodger was Kane's lead-line pony.

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