baby kane
baby kane

kane at three monthsaugust 2001
kane at his three month photo op

** NOTE: this portion of the web site is no longer updated and is maintained as an archive only. for kane's big boy web site, please come to master kane's web site.

kane is now almost 7 1/2 months old; this picture was taken at jcpenney portrait studio just after his three month birthday.

breast feeding continues to go well, I pump about 12 oz. a day at work and we have over 25 9-oz. bottles frozen in the fridge at any given time. we both enjoy nuzzling and I hope to continue through at least his one year birthday, maybe longer. it makes me feel good to do this for kane while I am off at work all day and can't be with him; when we reconnect at night it's so nice to have him close to me. michael is very supportive, much more so than I had expected him to be before kane was born and I think we are all happier because of it.

we've so far had only one "incident" while feeding in public, this was with a woman who didn't seem to comprehend that feeding the baby was something that needed to be done when it needed to be done. I simply stared at her like she was speaking another language and said "excuse me??" three times. she repeated herself twice then finally realized that I could not have cared less what she was saying and left in a huff.

kane is also eating many solid foods now and loves all manner of veggies and some fruits. most especially, we have found that he loves ice cream (big shocker there) and has shared a few scoops with me already. I only worry about his getting a cold headache, he eats it so fast (doing that really cute baby bird impression).

we are always on the move - between the sister's activities (baseball for elaine, dance for grace) and my riding, kane is busy 24 x 7. he seems to really enjoy it. soon he will be crawling and walking and then we will see how happy he is to be strapped into the car seat for trips between home, grandma's house and the barn.

ziggy archives

childbirth plans

we planned for a drug-free, natural childbirth using the birthing pools at the birth center at northwestern memorial hospital's prentice women's facility. I previously had two natural childbirths (ie drug-free, intervention-free) with elaine and grace and was confident that all would proceed as planned with baby ziggy's birth - and it did. read the birth story for all the details.

I really got into reading birth stories on the internet while awaiting baby ziggy's arrival. here are some interesting links I found:

join the fight against RIC

circumcision - a cruel and barbaric birth ritual

incidental to the actual birth experience, we did a lot of research about circumcision for the final two months of our pregnancy. we are strongly against it - and so will you be when you learn that is the most painful and unneccessary surgery performed on a human being.

please! if you are expecting a baby boy or not finding out the sex of your baby before birth, do your own research - do not depend on anyone else (including your ob/gyn or pediatrician) to make this crucial decision for you. your baby is depending on you to keep him safe, whole and intact.

[ read my article for more: what I learned about rountine infant circumcision during my pregnancy ]

birth stories

elaine linell, december 30, 1992

my first pregancy, labor and birth was not as non-interventive as I had hoped. I was certainly under-educated about pregancy and under-prepared for labor and delivery and both worked against me.

grace suzzett, september 16, 1994

labor and birth was everything I knew it could be given the right preparation of mind and body. grace was born in the alternative birthing center without drugs or intervention of any kind.

kane michael, december 23, 2000

a water birth without drugs or interventions of any kind. mom and baby were active and alert after birth and the whole family was home twelve hours later.

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