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master kane

welcome to the web site of our son, kane, who is fourteen months old as of february 23, 2002. he has been known by the family for some time as "master kane" which seems to be a fitting title as even though he is the youngest member of our household, he reigns over all! his sisters dote on him, his father indulges him, the pets defer to him and I just go along with everyone else ;-)

kane started crawling in september 2001 and it was only a few short weeks after that he began walking. one sunday afternoon we were hanging around watching a movie and kane was standing up holding onto the couch near his daddy. he turned around, looked across the room and took four to five steps. that was all she wrote! from then on, it's been fast-paced keeping up with this boy. he likes walking around outside the best of all but this makes me nervous because the first thing he goes for is the driveway - and at top speed!

talking is another thing. he says "mama" and "daddy" and "book". he points to candles and says "HOT!". he also makes a sound of a cat "owww". one of his favorite sayings and one that we repeat a lot is "whap - a - di". we are not sure what it means. he also makes a "gecha - gecha - gecha" sound. that's pretty much it. he walks around kind of talking to himself in gibberish but so far none of it is recognizable as speech.

kane has quite a busy schedule. he gets up around 7am and gets ready to come with me to work. three days a week, I drop him off at his sitter across the street from my office around 8am and he is picked up at 430pm. the other two days we meet my mom at a half-way point and she takes kane back to her house for the day. after work he has his dinner, a nice bath and then into jammies for the night. kane still nurses every night, usually starting with a quickie "snack" at 6pm and then another for bedtime at 730pm or so in the rocking chair in his room. from there, it's 11pm, 230am and 530am for more mommy comfort in the big bed. I am not really sure how long he is awake and nursing during the night but I am pretty sure it's about 20 minutes or so. we're pretty sure this is a comfort thing and not a hunger thing but we do continue to indulge his need for comfort in the night (please refer to paragraph #1.)

since kane is getting to be a big grown-up boy, it seemed silly to continue his old "baby kane" web site. so for everything about kane and his small-child antics, we will be updating this web site and maintaining the old "baby kane" web site only as an archive.

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