happy sun away


family vacation in bennington, vermont
july 2002

left for vermont on july 2. rented a nice mini-van which was very nice. brought the pit bull, ares, who was very well-behaved for the entire trip. went to laura's 20th high school reunion and joined up with her childhood friend, michelle and her husband dan. michael did a lot of golfing and went to both mt. anthony country club in bennington (right down the street from the hotel) and equinox golf course in manchester.

girls had two riding lessons. laura went riding with aunt willene's friend's daughter who was twelve. laura rode michelle's trakhner garland three times during the week.

spent a lot of time hanging out at aunt willene and uncle karl's house around the corner from the hotel. willene has a very nice garden. got a new haircut. karl introduced michael to his friends who took him golfing and got him ridulously drunk.

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