happy sun away


photos from family vacation
in bennington, vermont
july 2002

sisters at the knotty pine

kane hiding in the hotel room

even the vicious pit bull got to go

michael and kids in aunt willene's pool

daddy and kane, the two peas in a pod

two (male) cuties

two (female) cuties

sisters enjoying the battenkill river

hiding and playing in the rocks

picking wild berries near the river

20th high school reunion with the mazzolas

michelle and her trakhner mare, garland at schurinks

elaine and grace had to swim in the river

and the water was VERY cold !

elaine went for another dip...

...and grace decided to get dressed

a field trip to check out old bennington

kane is ready to roll

mama and kane in old bennington

elaine having a riding lesson @ schurinks

elaine's horses name was orion

grace having a riding lesson @ schurinks

grace's horses name was shadow

some photos of the river near our hotel

bridge over the river near our hotel

scenic river

scenic river

scenic river

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