happy sun away


grace's diary from trip to bennington


Why is the sky blue?
Why is the grass green?
Why do we have a night and day?
And why do these questions always ponder us?
But I know who has the answers, Mother Earth herself.


You can't buy it.
You cannot see it.
But you can feel it,
And you can have it.
Also it comes from the heart,
That is love.


Friends each and every way
Coming together to say
Friends each and every way

It has been a long and lonely trip. Kane is sleeping. Mom and Michael are talking. (They are listening to music). Trees are everywhere. I wish I could get on my feet.

I was in Vermont and I got a feather that was actually a pen. A map of Vermont. A blue bag. I saw the movie Lilo & Stitch but the ending was sad. We had a really cool hotel. Its name is Knotty Pine. It has a swimming pool in front of it.

Grace Cizma

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