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on Thursday January 22, 2004 Tabitha wrote:

I would like to say thank you for not being so judgmental as others on pitbulls. They are great dogs, I just wish others could see that.

on Sunday December 21, 2003 Troll wrote:

good site

on Monday September 29, 2003 Amanda wrote:

Laura, What a fun website, great to see you and your kids!

- Amanda (MyPeeps)

on Wednesday July 09, 2003 Bud Foucher wrote:

Stumbled on your site while researching life in the 1900's via the Shaftsbury General Store. Some of your relatives' pictures look familiar. I too am originally from Bennington, many years ago.

on Tuesday May 27, 2003 Angie wrote:

Loved you web page, definetly about the Pit, I am a Pit owner and she is just so mean...HAHAHAHA! She is the biggest baby you ever met. She wants to great everybody, she won't even bark when someone knocks on the door, she whimpers for you to open it so she can jump on them and lick em' Thanks for sharing.

on Friday May 09, 2003 Daniel Edwards wrote:

I found your site with "map" & "Wyoming" as search words on I enjoyed your pictures. DJE

on Tuesday May 06, 2003 Bill Carter wrote:

Saw the mention of our nursery from your posting on Garden Web. Glad to hear the seed is growing for you. Very nice website. We'll be launching a new Prairie Moon site later this week. We would appreciate any feedback you might have. Happy Spring! Bill

on Friday March 07, 2003 lisa wrote:

I was searching the internet for wedding information and came across your website. After reading through your wedding story, I got interested and just HAD to see the rest of your site. It's really cute and I think that you did a great job!

on Friday February 14, 2003 Temeisha wrote:

I really enjoyed the page and like how everything flowed so smoothly and I really like going through the page to learn about you and your family.I could tell that you put a lot of time into this project or shall I say art work. You did really good.

on Tuesday January 28, 2003 laura wrote:

welcome to the new and improved web server. a pentium III 450MHZ with 512MB RAM and two LVD SCSI disks. it only took me a year to get it up and switched out for the old server ;-)

on Wednesday January 22, 2003 Allen -- ANGEL ANIMALS wrote:

Ares and Jerry sleeping together is a cute photograph! We have a weekly newsletter that features a photo of the week. Our readers would enjoy viewing your picture. Visit to see if that is something you want to do. Again thanks for such a nice webpage. Allen

on Thursday December 05, 2002 Tyson wrote:

I am a college student in Ct and i'm writing a report on how Pit Bulls are such great family dogs. Your site is excellent and I will be quoting you in my paper. It's nice to read about people who are educated on Pit Bulls. Thanx, Tyson p.s. liked the pic w/caption viscous pit bull attacks family cat. very creative

on Wednesday December 04, 2002 Denise Chudy wrote:

Your web site is wonderful. By the looks of your horse when he was a baby, mine will look like Dax in a few years. Hopefully Geo will be as hansome as your boy. Great job on the sight. Maybe we will run into each other at Shawnee someday. Good luck on your trials and foxhunting.

on Sunday November 10, 2002 Nicole Zaccanelli wrote:

Hi i am a senior at Arizona State University and enrolled in an Internet communications class. Our latest assignment was to find the website of a person we did not know and I found this one. Your site is amazing and holds so much info and pictures. I am going to write a short paper about what i found and "what kind of identity the person who constructed the site is trying to project". (this is the assignment) :)We are learning about the internet and identity, or the lack of. I get the impression that you have a very close family and that will be my main point of the paper. It was nice to read about you and your family's adventures.

on Thursday October 31, 2002 Marilyn Saffer wrote:

Hello Dear Prowicz Family :) May I say that my visit to your warm and cozy cyberhome was a genuine pleasure for me to experience. You are obviously extremely nurturing and caring people as seen via your beautiful family, flowers and just the entire manner in which you have set up your homepage. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend some time here. :) Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect, Marilyn

on Thursday October 24, 2002 Anne wrote:

I really liked the pictures of Ares with the cat, the baby and Elaine. They are a great way of showing how American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers make great family pets. I have an Amstaff and he is my pride and joy. I love him with all my heart. I just wish people would take the time to get to know the breeds before judging them. I also really enjoyed looking through your site. You have a great family.

on Thursday September 19, 2002 Hope Martin wrote:

hey ama 1 f frm ky my mom and dad ows a pet shop in barbourvill and I just wtell youtht your dog is very sweet and aotof people do mistake apt bull to b mea but i own 2 a female and a male and there my babys

on Thursday September 12, 2002 Nanci wrote:

Great slide show!

Nanci, Phamous Phred, Baby Bandit & Rockin' Ringo (and, of course, Crazy Dazy, our Personal K9 Angel)

on Tuesday September 10, 2002 Shelley Fincher (Bedwell) wrote:

My OH MY! I love your site. I think it has been since 1996 or 1997 since we last conversed. I so enjoyed your website and all of our wonderful pics. Looks like life is great for you. I was expecially excited to see that Ares was still doing well and that he is so good with your girls (oh, and boy!!). Your children are so beautiful and so grown up. Would love to catch up sometime if you have a me. Bye!

on Sunday September 01, 2002 kristen holtz wrote:

hi, i really enjoyed your site. your family seems nice. thanks. kristen.

on Monday July 01, 2002 Paul Despres wrote:

Just checking out what else Paul D. may have been up to in the world, c/o Google. ;)

on Saturday January 19, 2002 Katie Anderson wrote:

I love the site and I love Dax!

on Tuesday August 21, 2001 laura wrote:

a quickie temporary home for auntie sheila's pix va va voom!

please sign our guestbook and let us know how you liked the site. we reply to all guestbook entries with a personal email (as if this is a good reason for you to post something! ;-0 ) hehe - just letting you know.

on Wednesday August 15, 2001 Jeff wrote:

Cute page.

on Thursday August 09, 2001 Some PWI guy wrote:

Who the hell is this !!!

on Tuesday August 07, 2001 Aunt Sheila wrote:

hee. hee. Like the email address? Note to Sheila and Laura: Find and Post a decent pic of Sheila in friends section of website so she can direct some boys to : - ) Second Note: Grill Laura on why Heather gets major real estate on Prowicz website, I'm Jealous! ha. ha.

on Friday July 27, 2001 Yvonne wrote:

I stumbled upon your website by accident. I had to write to you b/c I was pleased to see that you are the proud "mom" and "dad" to a pitbull. My husband & I adopted a yellow lab/pit bull mix in Dec of 2000. We also have a 2.5 purebred black lab. Our lab/pitbull mix was abandoned by its original owner. He is the most friendliest & kindest dog and he is great with kids. People are fearful at first when we tell them what he is, but then they realize that he is so gentile.

I am so happy that you stated how sweet and beautiful this breed is. I hope Ares is doing well and thank-you for sharing your story.

Best of luck to you and your family.

on Sunday July 22, 2001 Merle wrote:

Nice job you did on your page. Maybe you could visit with me sometime

on Sunday July 08, 2001 el flaco wrote:

hi...nice site how about visiting my site at and send a message (or messages maybe...:)) in my guest book thx....

on Saturday June 23, 2001 Sheria Oswalt wrote:

I spent 1 1/2 hours touring your site. Very nicely done. I actually found it by searching "Cancun family fun" as our family is going to Cancun next week. Visit our families web site at I only hope to aspire to your creativity in your web site. Any help you could offered would be greatly appreciated.

on Saturday June 02, 2001 Yusuf Kurniawan wrote:

I like the way you present your self on your site. I am analysing your site.

on Tuesday April 10, 2001 Joanne Waters wrote:

Happy First Anniversary!

I'm in the process of planning my wedding, which will take place on September 29 2001. There appear to be many similarities between the one I envision and the one you actually had-- your lively prose and wonderful pictures made your day come alive.

Your beautiful vows are very similar to the ones my Intended and I have written together. With your permission, I would love to refer my florist (Abloom of Walkersville) to your website so that she can see the artful, wild way your vendor put together such diverse blossoms and greens.

Our wedding ceremony will take place outdoors at the convergence of two rivers--because we are both Irish, we are weaving a Celtic theme throughout...subtle but strong. My dress is by Siri (, Style #39-- it's a floral jaquard, double V [neck & back] silk viscose-- I think it will blend nicely with the outdoor setting. My "best woman" will wear a two-piece outfit-- a top that echoes the double V of my dress in a rich purply eggplant,with an ankle-length jacquard skirt.

Thank you again for allowing me a look at your special day.

I wish you, your husband, and the girls many blessings,


on Wednesday April 04, 2001 Keith Townsend wrote:

Hey Laura, How is it going?

on Wednesday March 28, 2001 Chuck Strezo wrote:

I do enjoy seeing all of this information made available to me. Laura, haven't seen you in years, but it is good keeping in touch through e:mail. Now with pictures to boot, I can see you and your family any time I choose. Hope all is well health wise and with your beautiful children. Keep in touch and maybe we can get together to chat some day.

on Sunday March 25, 2001 Grandma and Grandpa wrote:

Beautiful website!! We especially loved the pictures of the kids.

on Monday March 19, 2001 sheila wrote:

Teste., Teste., 1 - 2 - 3... Hee. Hee.

on Friday March 09, 2001 laura prowicz wrote:

thank you for coming to our website! we hope you enjoyed your visit.

the prowicz family

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