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laura & elaine june 2000
laura & elaine june 2000

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welcome to my domain. I last updated this site on september 24, 2000.

I have discontinued updating most of this web site. almost all of it has been moved into our new prowicz family web site (at areas that have not been moved and will not be moved are tech (my resume), links and some of the vacation sites.

so, if you are interested in what is new and fresh with me and the family, please visit the prowicz family web site.

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table of contents

  • home page
    links to the main header areas outlined below.
  • info (aka random ramblings)
    date-organized booklet of stories about stuff that's happening. some of these break out into their own little sites, with photos and more stories. designed for random surfing as much as for my random thought patterns.
  • tech (aka resume)
    the tech area has finally been killed! yippee. it was too much work, too little return and became outdated too fast. besides, this site is for fun, not for work. I have replaced the old tech area with my resume and professional information as of april 1999.
  • family
    my online family photo album, which will likely wind up to be the complete history of everything my kids have ever ate or said in their years 0-18. Dad will probably contribute his volumes of notes on their 2day-a-week visits there, too.
  • Pets
    a fairly stable organization of stories and pictures of our family pets, including the kids' (ex-)pony, Noble, my appaloosa horse, Dax and our pit bull dog, Ares. Hopefully to include the hamster Joanna at some very near future point.
  • links
    a what-should-be grossly outdated list of links, considering I put them online around June 1996. surprisingly, most still reflect my loves and life although conspicuously absent are horse links. I think I'll just put my bookmarks up and be done with it!
  • about
    this document, including both a semi-annually updated welcome and this needed help info.

let me know if you enjoyed the site!


laura despres
chicago, illinois