DBA, systems admin, e-commerce


laura despres, located on the northwest side of chicago, illinois, is an experienced database administrator, windows NT server administrator and e-commerce developer.


  • an enthusiastic database administrator on both MS SQL Server and Oracle relational database management systems.

  • a microsoft certified professional and windows NT systems sdministrator with an exceptional background and ability with microsoft windows NT servers (configuration, administration, security, and ongoing management).

  • a server hardware expert with extensive hands-on experience with compaq proliant servers (including cluster solutions), options and dell server equipment.

  • a proven e-commerce developer with five years of experience in cold fusion, cgi, perl, javascript and all types of internet servers including email, web, and ftp.

  • review my resume for all of the critical information!


northwest side and close to the city of chicago preferred. no far suburbs (i.e. oak brook, barrington), no out of state. most especially, no travel.


it depends on the opportunity at this point...


you need a business-knowledgable and savvy professional to focus on the technology while you concentrate on core competencies related to your industry. you need someone who can work independently to get the job done.

I am self-driven, self-movitivating and thrive in an environment that encourages hard work and independence. my lifestyle requires the flexibility of a 32-hour work week and the ability to work any "extra" hours from my home office.

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