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NOTE: I am looking forward to maternity leave in January/February 2001 and will not be interested in new opportunities until at least March/April 2001. PLEASE do not contact me about new opportunities until March 2001. Thank you!


To secure an Oracle/SQL Server database administrator position in an environment with a focus on Microsoft Windows NT Server. A position involving Internet technology would be ideal.


BLUEMETEOR, INC., Chicago, Illinois
BlueMeteor is an Application Service Provider for companies seeking to solve complex business problems via the Internet. BMI provides pre-built, scalable technologies that are delivered quickly and minimize a company's need to support the significant technical, human and capital resources traditionally required for a back-office infrastructure investment.
July 200 - Present · Database Administrator

  • Responsible for primary DBA activities for two heavily trafficked Microsoft SQL Servers, including database optimization/tuning, database updates and backup/recovery strategy.

  • Responsible for level three production support for 16 Windows NT servers, backing up the lead BMI Windows NT administrator.

  • Responsible for level three production support for Elevator (TM) active server pages application for client Fourth Floor Consulting.

TRIBUNE COMPANY, Chicago, Illinois
Tribune is a leading media company with operations in television and radio broadcasting, publishing, education and interactive ventures. Technical Operations is a division of Tribune Information Systems and is charged with daily 24x7 operation of the Tribune Company Data Center.
June 1998 - July 2000 · Technical Operations Consultant, DBA Specialist
January 1998 - June 1998 · Internet Programmer, Independent Consultant

  • Responsible for primary DBA activities for four heavily trafficked Microsoft SQL Servers, including database optimization/tuning and backup/recovery strategy. Responsible for secondary DBA activities for two Oracle 8 datawarehouse servers. Successfully and enthusiastically completed both SQL Server Administration and Oracle Enterprise DBA courses within the past six months.

  • Responsible for development of an intranet-based client/server system developed for Allaire Cold Fusion database connectivity server. 'ServerBase' manages all information relevant to the Data Center, such as technical data pertaining to over 180 production servers. Includes features such as change management, server monitoring, and backup reporting. Activities:

    • Cold Fusion programming, database design
    • Web server configuration and security
    • Project leadership and management of one apprentice programmer

  • Responsible for comprehensive Windows NT 4.0 Server administration for twenty-five production servers, including web servers (IIS, WebSite Pro), FTP servers, and database servers (Oracle, SQL Server). Typically provide a range of client services from capacity planning and specification through server configuration, installation and testing as well as ongoing server administration and management. Strength areas:

    • Application consulting and server security.
    • Ongoing client consultation, planning and project management.

Commercial website developer in Chicago, providing outsourced website development, TCP/IP networking and site hosting services to medium and small businesses.
October 1995 - October 1997 · Windows NT Admin/Webmistress
Microsoft Certified Professional (MSCP)

  • Responsible for providing hardware and software assistance, support and security for a network of Microsoft Windows™ desktop computers (Microsoft Windows 3.11 and Windows 95) and servers (Microsoft Windows NT 3.51/4.0) on an hourly, contract basis.

  • Responsible for configuration, administration and maintenance of Chicago Webmasters' web servers and supporting hardware and software.

    • http, https, ftp and email servers - firewalls, proxies and routers.
    • security, access control and server log analysis.

  • System/Software Integration

    • Database to web site interaction, dynamic documents and back-end administration.
    • Discussion groups, forums and live chat applications.
    • CGI/PERL and JavaScript scripting.

  • Complete Internet e-commerce programming and development, including web site design, project management, HTML, Cold Fusion programming (SQL/Database integration), Javascript, CGI/PERL, and others

    • Extensive knowledge and experience with all types of tools, HTML editors, WYSIWYG editors, site management software, etc.

SOL’s COMPUTER WORKS, Chicago, Illinois
Computer repair shop on the north side of Chicago (OOB as of June 1998.)
August 1994 - October 1995 · Computer Technician

  • Responsible for troubleshooting and repairing IBM-compatible PC’s, printers and peripherals on a timely basis within an hourly budget

Independent industrial systems integrator providing engineering design, control system assembly, control system programming, and system startup services.
August 1991 - August 1994 · Sales Engineer

  • Primary focus on process control and data acquisition systems sales to the chemical, food and beverage and manufacturing industries. Responsible for acting as a project manager and liaison between clients and Controllink staff engineers, requiring a high level of expertise in the interpretation of client specifications and the application of appropriate products and services to meet client needs.

SQUARE D COMPANY, Chicago Field Office, Lombard, Illinois
World-wide manufacturer of power distribution equipment, industrial controls, and OEM components.
August 1990 - November 1990 · OEM Sales Specialist
February 1988 - August 1990 · Field Engineer

  • Primary focus on industrial component sales to end users and original equipment manufacturers. Responsible for providing technical application support, sales support and marketing assistance to Square D Company's second largest industrial control component distributor in the Chicagoland area.


December 1987 · Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
Visit the Electrical Engineering Department web site.

  • Specialization in Computer Design & Programming; focused on Intel x86 system architecture and programming (i.e. BASIC, Pascal, Assembler, Dbase, Paradox).


  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong aptitude for business development, management and organization.


Available on request.

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