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jazz fest, new orleans - spring 2002

sisters in new orleansthis spring we went to new orleans with dad, erika and baby jackson. we rented a really cool recreational vehicle (RV) that we drove and slept in all the way to lousiana. when we got to new orleans we camped out in a tent which we two girls got to put together.

dad took us fishing. we didn't catch anything. we ate a lot of strange foods like crawfish and jambalya.

elaine wrote a report about the vacation to new orleans for her third grade class.

"my trip to new orleans" by elaine cizma

Hi, I've just come back from New Orleans. I was there for the Jazz Fest. Let me tell you about my time there.

I ate lots of good foods; I also noticed Louisiana has lots of seafood. Most of the foods I ate is what I'm going to tell you about. I ate crawfish which I liked to eat their tails better than sucking their heads.

I also ate and loved their Italian Ice. I ate Monica which was Mac n' Cheese with crawfish. I ate etouffee which was rice and I don't know what else. I ate chicken taco, peach cobbler, which was peaches glazed in cinimon sauce, ham and rice which I hated. Candied Pecans, Snow balls, Chocolate dipped Strawberrys, Shushi, Humis and peignet, which was like a doughnut with sugared powder.

I also went to two restaurants that I've already been to in Florida. The restaurants are Margaritaville and EMERILS !! I've been there twice! He has a show and he likes to go ba bam!

I also met a lot of people in Louisiana. I met someone named Tresa and her husband showed us pictures of the lead singer of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia! Also we saw Erika's friend Dave; he brought some friends with him, Monica, Jen and A.J. I also met a friend on my own. Tris was her name, not tres (number 3), Tris; it has an I! She also brought some friends, Tim, Matt and Daniel her husband.

We also saw some great music. Speaking of great, we heard The Grateful Dead. They sung Uncle John's Band, I heard someone missing, it was Jerry Garcia, because he's dead; Philesh had to sing with someone besides Jerry Garcia. I also heard Foufollet who are my favorite and are teenagers now. And Jimmy Buffet, there were so many parrot heads there (fans of JB) that we could hardly see the screen!

Lousiana is a very swampy place. Its much different than Illinois. And all the graves are raised because its so swampy.

The things that interested me was when a treefrog was on our RV. And the Mississippi River. It was a beautiful sight.

Well...that's about all the things in Lousiana so, Bye.

see our pictures from the trip!

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