Laura Prowicz
last updated: February 2, 2016


SKILL SETCompetentAbove AverageExpert
Hardware & Engineering
Server architectureXX
Database architectureX
Disk (SAN, NAS, etc)XX
Software Installation & Support
SQL Server (all versions, editions)X
Unisphere (EMC) VAppX
Windows (Server)XX
Infrastructure operations
SQL Server HA design, planningX
Replication, RPA, Mirroring, Log shipping, etc.XX
Large Enterprise environments (many instances & databases)X
VLDBs, Datawarehouse, ETLXX
SQL Server internalsX
Physical database architectureX
Query tuningX

List of automated operations or maintenance strategies developed & implemented:
  • Database backups (configurable to many situations)
  • Database refresh (prod-to-test)
  • Index defragmentation, targeted
  • Database migration (included a simple log-shipping routine)
  • Statistics updates, targeted
  • DBCC checks
List of infrastructure projects managed, developed & implemented:
  • Notification, Alerting & Monitoring
  • SAN Allocation Reporting & Datawarehouse system
  • Architected database refresh infrastructre
  • EMC Unisphere VM & Vapp implementation, rollout & update procedure
  • Microsoft SQL Server DBA since 1995
  • Web (HTML, CGI, PHP, Apache, IIS) developer since 1994
  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineer, 1988

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