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washing the bronco - summer 1999

my 1995 ford broncohere she is - my pride and joy - the 1995 ford bronco. I love this truck. I bought it in june 1998 to haul my horse, dax the appaloosa, to shows and trail rides. it took me about two months to find and purchase it.

last summer we undertook to wash and clean the bronco totally by hand. I started the project at 10am in the morning and we did not get done until late in the afternoon. it is a big truck!

vacuuming and cleaning the interior with armor-all took over three hours. then, the washing started. there is a lot of surface area on this truck. of course, the job would not have been complete without scrubbing and shining the huge rims of my off-road tires.

we drank a lot of beer that day.

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