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anthony and reyna crews wedding
cancun mexico vacation july 1999

in july 1999 we went to cancun mexico to attend the wedding of anthony and reyna crews. I met anthony and reyna last year when michael was still their roommate, in their townhouse in streamwood.

we booked a flight along with ten or so other friends of anthony and michael's and most of them all met up at our house early in the morning to ride with us to the airport. john c., one of michael's best friends, stayed overnight friday night in elaine's barbie bed. michael and I were still packing at 100am and awoke at 400am to get ready to leave. we headed to the airport around 530am, in plenty of time to make our 700am flight. I curled up in the airport lounge and took a nap while michael hunted down coffee and food.

when we arrived in mexico all I could think about was getting a marguarita. michael made sure of this and got me two. we all headed off to the hotel and got our rooms situated.

after a couple of days in cancun I decided that this was one place I would enjoy while there but would likely never visit again. the island itself was lovely but way too commercial and too many tourists. there was virtually no nature & michael would not allow me to wander around on foot because it was too dangerous for a woman alone. I tried to arrange for michael and I to go horseback riding on the beach but they were closed the one day I had free, sunday. I was extremely disappointed.

michael and I swam in the ocean every single day, sometimes two or three times. we were the only ones who would go in as the waves were very rough and there were a lot of rocks. the first day at the hotel all of the men attempted it and many came away with large ugly scrapes and such on their backs and legs.

we visited an island nearby via cruise ship called "isla de mejures", the island of women, and had an excellent time playing volleyball against some guys from europe. we kicked their butts soundly. I did a great job serving the ball and actually won all three games on my serves for our team. michael bought me a neato silver ring with sun, moon and stars to match my new teva sandals.

anthony and reyna had a lovely wedding ceremony, although brief, in a church with completely open sides. it was really cool. for the reception, there was a cruise on a ship around the bay for four hours, with food and drink. michael decided to compete in the la bamba lip-synch contest and it was a hoot. I wore the new short black dress that michael had picked up for me right before the wedding.

we did a lot of shopping in the flea markets and discovered that people there love to bargain. michael and I purchased a lot of nice things for our house, a plaque for the kitchen (purple sun/moon face with stars), votive holders (same theme) and some quaint wooden cats for the girls, among other things.

on our last day, we visited a most excellent water-park-type-thing for snorkelling and viewing marine mammals. don swam with the dolphins while michael and I were separated from everyone by accident and had to wander around in our bathing suits and flippers for an hour. snorkelling was great as the water was clear and the fishies would swim right up to you. we had a very fancy lunch before running for the exit, yet still missing our ride home. finally after some finagling we got a ride and went back to our hotel.

maybe someday michael will write the story from his perspective. :-0 don't hold yer breath.

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