m&l - march 2000

  brunch reception
  the barn of barrington

barn of barrington
the barn of barrington restaurant

1415 south barrington road
barrington, il 60010

saturday march 18, 2000
festivities will begin at 1130am

it should take you about 35 minutes to travel between the ceremony and the reception. mapblast says to take I90; we suggest taking algonquin road straight west from des plaines to barrington. algonquin road is also known as route 62 and it parallels I90 but is more a "country road".

1130am - 1230pm open bar in the music room
1230pm - 200pm brunch in the crown room
200pm - 400pm live jazz and drinks in the crowm room

the barn of barrington
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barn of barrington foyer

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