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elaine ninth birthday dec 2001elaine's ninth birthday party at orbit skate - december 2001

this year's holiday season was completely insane with four immediate family birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and kane's christening.

luckily we were able to take a little time out and relax at elaine's birthday party this year whilst simultaneously getting a bit of exercise. elaine wanted to have a roller skating party for a few friends from school and so we scheduled a party at orbit skate center nearby.

michael and I brought our own roller blades and we had a great time getting out and mixing it up with the kids. even grandma got into the act and rented a pair of old-fashioned four-wheel skates and skated round and round for an hour or so (her legs were very sore after!)

I managed to fall on my butt and practically break my wrists while showing off for grace how I skated backwards. very embarrassing. not to mention dumb - always wear wrist guards!!

come and see pictures from elaine's party at orbit.

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