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dinofest 2000dinofest 2000 at navy pier

my mom and I took the sisters and the new baby to navy pier on the last day of dino fest 2000, january 5, 2001. we had a great time.

we left the house around 900am, it was my first time taking the new baby out and about since he was born on december 23rd. I was actually able to coordinate having breakfast, dressing myself and dressing the baby, and getting all of our stuff packed up for the day into the car. we took our new stroller which was given to us by michael's mom and dad, it was a real lifesaver to have such a luxerious stroller for all of the walking we did that day.

the girls really had a great time. they were very excited to see the dinosaurs, almost life-size, and moving as though they were alive. there were a couple of kind of gruesome ones, with one dinosaur eating the other one, and baby dinosaurs being orphaned, but the girls seemed to take it in stride. I guess they have realized that eating and being eaten is just a part of life (if you're a dinosaur.)

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