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1986 Midwest Open I have been an avid exercise-aholic since about 1981, when I graduated from High School. I changed from a rebel-without-a-cause to a productive and dedicated individual when I started bodybuilding at a gym near my house the summer before I started Junior College.

My first inspiration began when I saw a picture of Rachel McLish. At that moment, I knew that I could build muscles and look better than 90% of the women I had admired for their skinniness. Skinny was out - muscles were in.

I spent the next 10 years of my life devoted to the bodybuilding lifestyle. I haven't found anything on the 'net to link to in regards to Women's Bodybuilding. Maybe I'll build my own someday since I'm still a big believer….Until then…..

1986 Midwest Open In the years since my bodybuilding career officially ended (with a win at the Midwest Open in Rockford, Illinois in 1986), I had two kids in 1992 and 1994 and needed desperately to get back into shape after a long layoff (6 months before pregnancy, then 9 months pregnant, then 12 months nursing, then back to pregnant for another 9 months!).

Before that, I had maintained some semblance of regularity about my workouts which included :

  • rollerblading
  • running with my dog Ares (an American Pit Bull Terrier - awesome muscularity!)
  • cycling
  • non-competitive bodybuilding training
  • hiking

Following is the workout routine I used to go from a 135-lb post-pregnant woman to a 110-lb woman in only 4 months (also the current routine I'm using to get back into shape again after having been doing nothing but creating web pages for the last 6 months - - ouch!) :

Stepper Machine
30-40 Minutes
Chest, Arms
20 Minutes
Stepper Machine
30-40 Minutes
20 Minutes
Stepper Machine
30-40 Minutes
Back, Shoulders
20 Minutes
30-40 Minutes
20 Minutes

In addition to the above, Prior to every workout :
  • stretch, loosen up for 5 minutes
After every workout :
  • abdominal workout, about 7 minutes
  • stretch and cool down, about 5 minutes

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Laura Despres
Chicago, Illinois