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not surprisingly, the event dominating my life (for here ever after to be referred to as 'our' lives) has been the planning of our march 2000 wedding.

michael and I agreed to do nothing about planning until after my eventing season with dax was over and the kids were back in school. then of course came the year 2000 rollover. I was not sure whether or not it would be the end of world as we knew it, so I resisted doing any planning until after january 1, 2000.

once the year rolled over without so much as a burp, we set out to get our event planned and ready with only ten weeks to go. we contracted fast and furious but we knew what we wanted in terms of style, so that made it easier.

now that most of the planning is complete, I am starting to look forward to our honeymoon in switzerland and riding dax more often. it's march 6 today and this past weekend it was 65 degrees F. we did a lot of playing outdoors and I rode both days but I am once again behind in housework and final wedding details.

today is the issue of the cake and what it will look like when it's done. the flavors are already picked out, it's just the fresh flowers vs. cake top that we have to decide. I am sending the florist a scanned photo of the 'demo cake' today. luckily, I also get to ride!

the rest of the week will be taken up with concerns about itinerary at the ceremony, at the barn and play lists for the ceremony trio and reception jazz quartet. we finally got confirmation on the piano tuner at the barn so it looks like we are ready!

michael has a tremendous amount of items left to complete but he feels confident that he will finish in time. as for me, the final two days before the wedding will be filled with preparations for switzerland, packing my bags, dropping my horse trailer in mchenry for repair, and getting my last rides in on dax.

I will probably not update this area of the site after the wedding as we will be launching our new family web site when we return. it's been fun. goodbye!

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Laura Despres
Chicago, Illinois