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riding at Egon's
Riding at Egon's - October 1996

randommay 1997 - horse fever

currently i have gotten a renewed interest in working with and training horses ("bitten by the horse bug", I believe David would say). David's mother Donna and i and David's sister Jody will be travelling to carbondale in southern illinois later this month to check out the horses at Egon's stables, Egret Lake Farm.

Egon raises very unusual horses which he brought over from Hungary some time ago and has been breeding for about 5-6 years as fox hunters/event horses. i don't have too much detail yet but i am certainly hoping that i find something that i can get really excited about down there. Donna and i may even be thinking of carrying on Egon's breeding efforts up here in northern illinois....but that's a story for another day, i'm sure.

this all came about of course when my boyfriend and i and his mother adopted four Welsh ponies from indiana this past winter (read the our 1996 christmas card for the whole scoop). we've been very busy training them and getting them going so we've been spending a lot more time at the barn. and the pony adoption itself i believe came about as a result of our efforts in working on the web site for the hooved animal humane society here in northern illinois. naturally Donna had set that up, too.

having lived in chicago now going on eight years i hadn't been spending too much time around horses although i did train/ride constantly through college and before. the main problem with me and horses since college has really been expense...it's expensive to have a horse, especially if you live in the city and have to pay boarding fees, shoeing fees, vet fees, etc. etc. not to mention being able to get to the barn often enough to make it all worthwhile. but Donna continues to make the entire situation very attractive - providing the stabling and weekend getaway was really all I needed as an excuse to start shopping for a horse.

meanwhile, we are still searching for the perfect horse for dave - check out the Friesen horses at Dark Horse Farm. expensive, but who knows, maybe we'll raise these too! you can also visit the Welsh Pony site for more on these lovely and sweet ponies. our herd of horses and ponies is featured in my pets area.

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