idcta @ indian hills horse trials - july 1999
cross-country photo by foto finishing
idcta @ indian hills horse trials - july 1999

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idcta @ indian hills horse trials - july 10/11 1999
level dressage x-c stadium place
novice 47.5 60 0 12
our dressage test was much improved. still we did not score as high as I would like. again, dax threw his head around and swished his tail continually throughout. x-c was challenging, dax did not want to approach jump #1 and all jumps were on difficult terrain, lots of ups and downs. of course a stop & sniff at the water, another refusal then a well-timed spur in the side sent him in on approach #3. need to work on trotting/cantering directly through the water. stadium was very exciting! I was very relaxed going in, realizing that I had nothing to lose since I had been eliminated in this phase in the last two events. so I focused instead on having a steady, even rhythm and the course itself, rather than the individual jumps. this kept me out of his mouth and gave him the confidence to move forward into the jumps. we jumped clean!! final placing 12 out of 16 with four eliminated, so really, last again. better an excellent schooling experience. sigh.

Laura Despres
Chicago, Illinois